We would like to introduce our doggy bag models, Queenie and Duchess.  They are spoiled royal.


Queenie is a long-haired Chihuahua, 7 pounds. A seasoned world traveler, Queenie finds dogs speak the same language all around the world. 

Birthday: June 25, 2002. 

Likes: Treats and sleeping in her doggy bag. 

Dislikes: Being stepped on, she jumps into her doggy bag.

Favorite Activity: Chasing Duchess, chasing rabbits.

Favorite City: Amsterdam in the Netherlands... the flower markets have such great smells. Dogs can go everywhere, even into restaurants.


Duchess is a Rat Terrier from rural Iowa, 21 pounds.

Birthday: July 4, 1997. 

Likes: Trips in the car, but doesn't want to travel to foreign countries. She prefers to patrol for rabbits at home.

Dislikes: Meeting strangers and being chased by Queenie.

Favorite Activity: Chasing rabbits.

Favorite City: Johnston, Iowa USA home.


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