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Like to take your small dog with you where ever you go? Show off at the farmer's market and all around town with a doggy bag!

Tired of trying to keep your dog and leash from tangling up with parking meters, trees, and other people? Carry your small dog in a handy dog carrying bag. Your dog will be safe from being stepped on, and safe from the big dogs!

No more wet dog on a rainy day. The dog stays warm and dry on the way to the park and home again. And, it's not just a dog carrier!  Flip the straps back and it's a nice, cozy bed they'll enjoy anywhere.

This deluxe, soft-sided small dog carrier features a low head opening to allow your dog to lie down comfortably with its head out and even be zipped in. A great gift for any small dog and it's owner.

Perfect for papillons, chihuahuas, yorkshire terriers, miniature pinschers or dachshunds - any small dog up to 15 pounds. Custom designed by a mom who loves her dogs, this stylish doggy bag/dog carrier includes:


small dog carrier - doggy bag

  •   Zippered top on doggy bag

  •   Soft sided for comfort

  •   Removable interior cushion

  •   Interior security collar hook

  •   For dogs up to 15 pounds

  •   Dog not included (sorry)

  •   Adjustable shoulder straps with connector

  •   Durable, stain resistant polyester construction

  •   Two outer pockets for treats and baggies

  •   Water resistant bottom, clean with damp cloth

  •   Size: 17.5" L x 9.5" W x 11.5" H

  •   Neutral brown, black, and ivory plaid
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Small dog carriers - doggy bags